Below are brief recaps of some material I have written. If
interested, by all means check out my other blog, 
Love Letter To Columbus, which is a historical document
chronicling Ohio's best and biggest city:


Survive The Strip (2015)

cover art for “Survive The Strip,” by Jason McGathey

Whether a fledgling first timer or degenerate pro, this well researched primer is bound to prove an indispensable companion for any Las Vegas experience. Covering every worthy aspect of the strip, downtown, between and beyond, this ace reporter dispenses a casino vault’s worth of advice on both the positives and the negatives – and most importantly, how to do this all on the cheap.  Survive The Strip – buy it in paperback!

Accelerated Times (2013)


Imagine you wake up one day to find 99% of the world’s population has disappeared – and then 99% again the morning after that. Phones and internet down, highways destroyed, a government that isn’t exactly forthcoming with answers…how would you go about figuring out what became of friends and family? The protagonists confront these questions and more in Jason McGathey’s chilling new novel, set in an all too believable near future. Accelerated Times – get yourself a copy!

Also available in a Kindle edition

One Hundred Virgins (2006)


“One Hundred Virgins” by Jason McGathey

Three small town friends descend upon and confront life at a large university. Yet as their warped minds push against the city beyond, the barrier gives in ways neither they nor the fantastic cast of characters they encounter could foretell in a thousand years. A thousand years, or a thousand madcap experiments, but when three bachelors meet one hundred virgins the results combust in a witty, introspective look at the modern twentysomething experience. One Hundred Virgins – pick up yours now!

Night Driving (2001)                    


Short Stories: 

I've never been able to write these, really. I'm not sure why.
This one was completed in the spring and summer of 1998 and 
remains to this day the only one I've ever written. Someday 
I might attempt improving at this endeavor. For now, enjoy a 
free download of what has been voted my best short story!

Smuggler's Cove

Other Published Work: 

Unfortunately, a great deal of my freelance 
material appeared when I lived in C-bus from 1997-2006, 
usually for magazines that are no longer in print. I might
scan and post someday when I get inspired. 

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